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Each school will be slightly different based on their reason for existence, skill level, and commitment to training. While involvment in martial arts will often be positive and enjoyable, we feel In Ji Yong Martial Arts can provide you with the highest quality training because of its unique status as a classical martial art.

In Ji Yong differs from most martial art schools by having a complete method and the depth that it can provide. This allows the school to function without “borrowing” from other sources such as television, movies, or other schools. This complete program encompasses a wide spectrum of knowledge that produces more effective instructors and more experienced students. This school has the potential to instill mastery, a fact that can not be claimed by schools that piece together techniques to form a rudimentary system. A benefit of the complete system is that the techniques have come from a time where they were literally used as a means of survival. The techniques have been proven effective by the survival of the individual who passed them down to future generations.

Other basic differences include the teaching of classical weaponry and weapon defenses, a smaller class size to produce individualized attention, and acquiring knowledge as the primary goal for all involved, including instructors.

In Ji Yong does not see itself in competition with commercial schools or other martial art classes. We attempt to be unique in regard to what is generally found available to one seeking martial arts instruction. In the martial arts community there are many schools engaged in positive acts and others who stress objectives that differ from our point of view. Monetary gain is not the focus for this school’s existence.

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