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"The instructor of the old ways of combat is, in many ways, a healer. The techniques he teaches are the curatives as he seeks to remedy the ills society has provoked."

Although the personality of In Ji Yong instructors may vary, they represent a single lineage. These teachers attempt to aid others in their quest as they themselves continue to explore, discover, and grow. The role of the instructor is to produce a program that brings student and instructor together for mutual benefit. The instructors seek with a sincere heart for the opportunity to give. Instructors believe that they are giving their students great benefit, but the endeavor is not totally selfless. For those who are of advanced level, a complete comprehension of the subject matter is obtained through the experience of guiding another through the various stages of progression (martial learning). As the student progresses, it allows the instructor to progress as well, creating a positive situation for both. In this way, serving the students will also serve the instructor.

In Asia, a martial arts instructor is seen as a more respected role than it is here. He was expected to be well versed in a wide spectrum of information that generally touched on all facets of human interaction. It was considered quite prestigious to be accepted as a student under a good instructor because the number of students an instructor would accept was limited. In Ji Yong students handle the logistics of running classes and finding good students. This frees the instructor to concentrate on teaching and student welfare.

The instructor acts as a guide, but each person contributes. The instructor will enter with a premise of direction, but sometimes the student interest may sway the current focus. Like a work of art, no two classes are alike; and all that leave the Dojang (training hall) have grown each night. The art is allowed to come to life and lead the energies of those present.

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