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“Between the formality of training and the goal of spontaneity there lies a paradox most useful to those who seek the path.”

There are no magical styles that can guarantee success for everyone. Effectiveness largely depends on how much the student dedicates themselves to training. However, the potential of each student is maximized by a quality program.

The In Ji Yong style of engagement is characterized by a 5 range system. The “5 range system” refers to the distance between attacker and defender. The largest distance for an empty hand technique is kicking distance. This is then followed by striking distance (punches, knife hands, hammer fists, etc.). The next distance is elbow strikes and knee strikes. This is followed by grappling range, and finally personal range. One should note that the ranges move progressively closer. As the range becomes smaller there exists less time to perceive an attack and react to it. The time that exists during an altercation is called “combative time”, and the In Ji Yong student learns to utilize combative time in the most efficient way possible. Distance protects the student because it will take the attacker longer to get within striking distance; however, this hinders the student’s ability to attack. The key to the 5 range system is to move smoothly between the 5 ranges. An opponent will most likely specialize in one range, but may be lacking in other ranges out of their comfort zone. Gaining proficiency in the 5 range system will enable the student to fare better against various combative situations. It should be noted that there are 5 vertical ranges in the system as well as an underlying craft that guides the principles of engagement. One can find out more by contacting the school through email, phone, or visiting a class.














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